1503 S Hwy 281, Aberdeen, SD


Get Fit. Have Fun. Feel Fabulous.

What’s it all about?

Aerial Arts by Avery is an encouraging environment designed to teach the art of pole dance and fitness.
This style of dance incorporates techniques found in many dance studios, such as ballet, modern and interpretative dance. It also uses similar skills that are found in the sport of gymnastics. Unfortunately, pole dancing has been carrying a negative stigma due to the assumption that “all pole dancers are strippers.” Men and women of all ages partake in pole dance, many of whom have never stepped foot in a strip club; it is only a sexual sport if you make it that way. This sport is slowly making it’s way into the mainstream, with studios popping up along the coasts and bigger cities. And why not? Pole dancing is a great way to get in shape while having fun! This activity calls on the use of upper body, core and lower body; they work in unison to lift your body weight off the ground while demonstrating strength, balance and agility. Along with the strengthening aspect of pole, you will also notice your body becoming more toned and sculpted as you dance away the extra pounds. Did I mention, IT’S FUN!

About the Studio

  • Fun Atmosphere!
  • Positive Learning Environment!
  • Variety of Classes to choose from!
  • Affordable Pricing for any budget!
  • Group Classes, Private Lessons or Parties!
  • Any AGE or GENDER can participate!

  • 6 Poles (45mm & 50mm)
  • 2 Aerial Rigs (for Hoop or Silks)
  • Floor to Ceiling Mirrors
  • Apparel & Accessories for Sale
  • Hand and Body Grips for Sale
  • Shower Available for Use
  • Storage Cubicals for Members